Burgos Film Commission

The Burgos Provincial Deputation along with the Burgos City Council in Spain have created the Burgos Film Commission, a free public service committed to providing the best professional level of support to companies and professionals in the film and audiovisual industry, encouraging them to film in the province. The Burgos Film Commission is a non-profit institution, which will assist with location and facilitate all film and audio-visual productions, including features, shorts, documentaries, spots, and video clips. All this is offered through personalized support, with attention to individual needs and with an emphasis on quality and discretion.

The Burgos Film Commission is made up of a group of professionals with extensive experience in serving film and television production companies, as well as the music industry. Our dedicated team will ensure Burgos serves as both stage and set for the film industry whilst converting into a first-rate cinematographic tourist destination.


What are the benefits of a filming office?

Screen production is a key economic driver for film locations, both within the sector and the wider local economy, provoking direct, indirect, and induced impacts. Within the sector demand is created for personnel, for instance local actors, and skills and services, for instance lighting and sound. Indirectly demand is created for transport, accommodation, and hospitality. The ripple effect induces a marked economic and social boost in the development of the region which goes on to encompass the full positive implications on tourism. The Burgos Film Commission’s role in attracting and securing this level of lucrative activity to the city of Burgos and the province cannot be underestimated.