November 26, 2021.

Coda 77, Daniel Cabrero’s feature film, was screened yesterday at the Cine Club Duero. We had the privilege of listening first hand to Daniel’s testimony in a very interesting colloquium in which the audience from Aranda could know the ins and outs of this very personal film.

The filmmaker enjoyed the previous visit to the interior of the Cine Aranda, a monument to cinephilia, a place that oozes history and is the temple of a group of enthusiasts who continue to keep active one of the longest-running film clubs in Spain. The building will soon be included in the Burgos Film Commission’s location catalog database, as it shows an overwhelming visual potential.

Javier Cobo, President of the Cine Club Duero, was the perfect host for both the visit and the presentation of the screening. Afterwards, Daniel received an honorary tombstone from Sad Hill Cemetery, a place he greatly admires