The striking format of TVE in its second season travels along the Camino de Santiago with its most particular stops. In its episode Los pollos mimados y la trinchera infinita Burgos, San Juan de Ortega, Belorado and Castrojeriz were four of its stops.


Not all cathedrals are the same, the one in Santo Domingo de la Calzada is the only one with a chicken coop inside. Hungry for this discovery, Marta and Touri end up in the oven of Grañón, singing and dancing to fulfil the tradition. In Belorado, they are amazed by some footprints they find on the ground, but even more so by the reproduction of the trenches of the First World War that they have in the museum. In San Juan de Ortega, they replenish their strength with Marcela’s excellent eggs with black pudding and continue on to Burgos, where they find something else unique in its cathedral, two ostrich eggs at the feet of a Christ with real skin. Passing through Astudillo, they discover that the town’s subsoil is criss-crossed by passages of mysterious origin. And they finish the section in a hostel in Castrojeriz without electricity or hot water, but with the most starry skies of the whole Camino.

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