Raúl Herrera, director of the short film Plein Air, which was shot entirely in the Valle de Mena, presented his work in the municipal hall Amania in Villasana de Mena. He was accompanied by the two leading actresses of the production: Ana Torrent and Ana Polvorosa. The Burgos Film Commission attended as a guest.


Emma goes to visit her mother for a few days in her village, a place with idyllic landscapes that, paradoxically, causes her agoraphobia due to conflicts with the past.

Production Company: Mesala Films
Direction: Raúl Herrera
Cast: Ana Polvorosa, Ana Torrent, Guillem Barbosa
Script: Raúl Herrera
Production: Natalia Lukic, Isabel Martínez
Cinematography: Tulio Ferreira
Art: Carlota Wilmshurst
Editing: Pedro Collantes, Renato Sanjuán
Sound: Ramón Rico
Shooting Place: Valle de Mena (Burgos)
Year of production: 2022
Genre: Ficción
Running time: 19 ‘
Country: España