Trench World War I

The Inocencio Bocanegra Radiocommunication Museum (Belorado) is a unique space that houses an immense collection of radio communication equipment, a reproduction of the cabins and radio room of the Titanic, a trench from the First World War, a reproduction of Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie, and a Vietnam-era battle tank and helicopter.

  • Direction: Avda Campo de los Deportes 18, Belorado.
  • Contact: 947 580 815
  • Email:
  • Web:
  • Township: Belorado
  • Coordinates: 42º 25´ 1´´ N / 3º 11´ 35´´ W
  • Tipology: Museum/ Set
  • Inside: Set
  • Water: Yes
  • Light: Yes

The Bocanegra Museum is a singular and unique space in our country. It is a journey through the history of communications in the 20th century where, through different settings, we will become different characters that will allow us to learn about communications at different times in the last century. The exhibition space is organized into a series of sets that set and reproduce places that marked a milestone in the history of the 20th century: recreation of the 1st class deck of the Titanic, the largest reproduction in Europe of a trench from the First World War, room set in WW2, space race and Cold War room, reproduction of the famous “Checkpoint Charlie” in Berlin (along with an original tank) and a helicopter from the Vietnam era. WiFi is available.