Paleolítico Vivo

In Paleolítico Vivo, you have the opportunity to enter a prehistoric territory and live a unique experience surrounded by bison and horses that graze freely on a wide terrain surrounded by mountains.

  • Direction: C/ Larga 22. 09198, Salguero de Juarros (Burgos).
  • Contact: Eduardo Cerdá – 947 421 714
  • Email: info@paleolí
  • Web:
  • Township: Salguero de Juarros
  • Coordenate: 42º 17´ 53´´ N / 3º 29´ 15´´ W
  • Tipology: Natural Reserve
  • Inside: Natural landscape
  • Water: Yes
  • Luz:

The Paleolítico Vivo Reserve mirrors a prehistoric territory. Bison and horses graze freely on a wide terrain surrounded by mountains, allowing the visitor to experience animals as they lived in Europe 10,000 years ago in their own environment, and to get closer to Prehistory, not merely through fossils or replicas, but directly through the protagonists of the Upper Paleolithic ecosystems. The reserve is linked to a project to reintroduce endangered bison and horses into the Atapuerca area (Burgos).