Sad Hill Cemetery

The Sad Hill Cemetery is a natural setting located in El Valle de Mirandilla between Santo Domingo de Silos and Contreras and which served as the setting for the final scene of The good, the bad and the ugly.

  • Direction: Valle de Mirandilla, Santo Domingo de Silos.
  • Contact: 651 956 661/ 659 358 105
  • Email:
  • Web: 
  • Township: Santo Domingo de Silos
  • Coordinates: 41º 59´ 34´´ N / 3º 24´ 35´´ W
  • Tipology: Landscape
  • Inside: 
  • Water: No
  • Light: No

Sad Hill Cemetery is nestled in a wide valley banked by different mountain ranges with geography similar to New Mexico or Virginia. Sad Hill has two accesses (via Contreras and Santo Domingo de Silos) through rural roads accessible for any type of car.